Future and Impact of Emerging Pollutants Stemming from the Health Sector in the Environment

The research project TrEcoPolEm (Transfer – Ecotoxicity – Emerging pollutants) has for main objective to bring better knowledge on the future in the environment of emerging said organic molecules stemming from the health sector (medicinal residues), considering an interdisciplinary approach. The scientific questions developed concern the origin (socioeconomic aspect), the follow-up in natural environment during the year (screening Vesle river, downstream and upstream to the city of Reims), the future in waters and sediments, as well as the impact on the aquatic ecosystems of these substances. Finally, it’s a question of proposing relevant data to feed the basic research but also the scientific and technical bases of organizations such as water agencies, INVS or AFSSAPS to have a better consideration of the problems “environment-health” in the public and private decisions.

This project results from a synergy between three research units of Reims University stemming from sectors “human and social sciences” and “exact and natural sciences” with the common objective to contribute to the production of fundamental scientific knowledge in the field of emerging pollutants by joining completely the European Water Framework Directive and the National Plan Health-Environment (PNSE 2). The grouping of these three partners in the very complementary expertise has to allow to bring to a successful conclusion this project in four years by means of a multidisciplinary integrated approach (geochemistry, ecotoxicity, physical chemistry, urban planning and territorial development).
Started in 2013
Contact: David ALLART – david.allart@univ-reims.fr