Research topics

Future and Impact of Emerging Pollutants Stemming from the Health Sector in the Environment

The research project TrEcoPolEm (Transfer – Ecotoxicity – Emerging pollutants) has for main objective to bring better knowledge on the future in the environment of emerging said organic molecules stemming from the health sector (medicinal residues), considering an interdisciplinary approach. The scientific questions developed concern the origin (socioeconomic aspect), the follow-up in natural environment during [read more…]

European Observatory on Sustainable MESURS (Medium-sized Urban and Regional Systems) — An Observatory of Transition to Sustainability

Sustainability solutions tend to be developed with big agglomerations in mind. However, medium-sized cities have a strategic importance for sustainable development in the EU, since a large part of Europeans live in medium-sized cities. The European Observatory on Sustainable MESURS aims at identifying, discussing and disseminating policies and governance practice for sustainable medium-sized urban and [read more…]

Underground Cities: An Option to Foster Sustainability in Urban Areas.

A Thematic Objective (Axis) of the Projet National Ville 10D – Ville d’idées. This project examines the part that underground could take when trying to foster transition to sustainability in urban areas. Emphasis is given to the habitability of the underground, on the one side by identifying if there are specific environment conditions, human interactions [read more…]

Planning Place-Based Sustainable Development: Territories Gone With the Wind

This program examines how wind power plants interfere “positively or negatively” with place-based territorial contruction. The point is to address the trade-offs between spatial equity and intergenerational equity which are the core of sustainable policies. Indeed, energy concern is an environmental concerns to future generations, where the local communities opposed to wind power plants promote [read more…]

Sunday in Paris 2030: Investigating a sustainable future in urban rhythms

A Ville de Paris (Paris City Council) initiative Economic, social and technical development have transformed the urban rhythms during the last 30 years and determining a new horizon for the cities. Among those rhythms, Sundays’one occupy a special symbolic place. On the verge of the 20th century, in christian tradition —as the Lord’s Day— Sundays [read more…]

Mobilizing human capital and embedding innovation strategies in intermediate cities: Perspectives from the French experience

The European goal in order to shift towards a “knowledge-based society” encouraged cities’ stakeholders to increase their efforts and incentives to embed innovation on territories. Meanwhile, for fifteen years, the New Economic Geography has maintained that the process of innovation and creativity is optimized in large cities. Consequently, I question in what extent French intermediate [read more…]

Transition to Sustainability

A SOCLE3 program (Sustainability, Local Collective Organisation, Energy, Economy and Environment) – PIRVE CNRS Transition to sustainability depends on how regional policies influence local governance. The regional scale, in the European Union, encompasses organizations with both political autonomy and economic leverage. If worldwide resources and energy limitations were to call for relocation of economic activities [read more…]

“Through the Looking-Glass” — Thinking and building periurban areas from a rural standpoint.

A PUCA (Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture) initiative (French urban planning ministry section) When urban centers achieve to become sustainable places, it is too often realized by importing sustainability at the expense of their periurban hinterland. This program postulates that whether periurbanization is not sustainable is not due to the phenomenon by itself but to the [read more…]

EXCLIM (Exilés climatiques (Climate exiles)) research program

A GICC2 (Gestion des Impacts du Changement Climatique) initiative from the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and MEDDTL (French Department of Environment, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing). Global warmth is a worldwide problem which features singularly well the type of relations that link mankind to its environment. While there are many crucial practical issues [read more…]