Transition to Sustainability

A SOCLE3 program (Sustainability, Local Collective Organisation, Energy, Economy and Environment) – PIRVE CNRS

Transition to sustainability depends on how regional policies influence local governance. The regional scale, in the European Union, encompasses organizations with both political autonomy and economic leverage. If worldwide resources and energy limitations were to call for relocation of economic activities in the coming decades, the regional scale seems to be appropriate to conceive and implement this transition in the EU. Actually, place-based sustainability cannot be addressed without taking into account the cultural background of the concerned areas: general principles can be worked out but it seems unlikely that transition to sustainability may be the same in an Indian city and in a French village.

SOCLE3 aims at producing analysis and decision tools focusing on three issues:

  • Analyzing and modelling the interactions between society, economy and the environment (HES- Human Environment Systems) at local and regional scale.
  • Exploring and characterizing pathways to local sustainability reorganizing human activity.
  • Diffusing the results and debating not onlmy with the academic community but also with elected representatives, other stakeholders and local communities, in a co-construction taking into account he constraints of actual decision-making process.

Started in 2009

Contact: François Mancebo –